National Nutrition Week(day-7)

Today is the last day of nutrition week. Maintaining your body through adequate nutrients is essential, but at the same time maintaining a healthy weight also plays a vital role. Keeping yourself fit from Inside is as important as from outside. Generally, we ignore the inner fitness & run behind the good figure. Today I will be sharing 4 few tips to maintain a healthy body from the inside also-

1- Stop taking supplements- In order to increase muscle strength & power, gym freaks turn to supplements & steroids. These supplements help them in getting their dream body but simultaneously, harm the body from inside to the extent that it can even take life. The steroids affect the body parts from inside bones, liver, kidneys & even reproductive & nervous systems.

Not just the steroids but even consuming too many medicines can affect your organs like liver, kidney & many more. So, stop taking the supplements, instead of as per your need switch on to the natural supplements- flaxseed, curd, all the probiotics, aloe vera, cinnamon etc.

2- Fasting- Our body works 24 7, as our outer self demands rest after a hectic day in the same way our inner body also needs rest. So fasting is one of the cheapest treatments to give rest to your digestive tract & remove the toxins from the body.

In Ayurveda intimidate fasting is the best way to heal & clean your body from the inside. In order to attain all the benefits of fasting don’t eat anything not even fruits, dry fruits instead drink lots of water, coconut water & aloe vera juice they just add the power in cleaning the body from inside.

3- Detox- It is also an easy way of body cleansing. Ideally you should have a detox drink on a regular basis. Some of the detox drinks are Lemon & ginger detox, Cucumber & greens detox, Lemon & green tea detox. All the citric fruits help detox the whole body.

4- Stress management- Our busy schedules at times can make us restless &stressed, which can affect our mental health inner self. So to avoid such problems you can include yoga & meditation in your lifestyle. It is a practice that not just helps you in maintaining a good figure but also keeps your mind & body fit. Every morning start your day with yoga & the rest will be history.



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