National Nutrition Week: Prevent yourself from Health hazards(day-6)

National nutrition week is remarked from 1st-7th September, highlights the need & importance of adequate nutrition in the body. As per the week, today is the 6th day. Oil is one of the common cooking substances that can be found in every kitchen.

The importance of including the right oil is the first step towards a healthy life. But the question here arises is although you are using the right oil but are you reusing that oil in your next cooking? If yes, then unintendedly you are affecting your health with your own hands. Here are 3health hazards describing the very harmful reactions of reusing the cooking oil-

  1. The high amount of Toxins- When oil is reused for cooking, a higher amount of toxic chemicals are released that have been directly associated with heart strokes, diabetes, obesity & even cancer. This is also the root cause of many such diseases. These toxins when released after reusing can alter the functioning of DNA, RNA & proteins in our body.
  2. Trans fat level spike up - Do you know when cooking oil is reused apparently its trans fat level increases which is the root cause of bad cholesterol in the body & if the cholesterol level spikes in the body a person can die as it is directly related to heart- strokes. It can even block your arteries & can give you chest pain. So, avoid reusing cooking oil in order to prevent yourself from these life-harming diseases.

3. Path for high blood pressure- Blood pressure levels can increase rapidly when heated cooking oil is being reused. Food prepared from repeatedly heating oil results in higher plasma & lower nitric oxide content and which leads to hypertension, stress, dizziness.

Here are some tips & tricks for you to reduce the usage of reheated oil-

  • Switching to home-cooked food is the best option, as you yourself prepare it & it is the healthiest variety of food that you can get. The food prepared in restaurants, cafes is not healthy, the possibility that oil is reused is quite higher. They don’t change the oil instead attempt frying in the same oil for days & weeks. So, even if you are travelling carry home-cooked for yourself.
  • Cooking food in small quantities has several benefits. Firstly it prevents you from reheating the same oil, it also helps in your portion control & helps in reducing the wastage of food.



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