1- The central government recently approved the New Education Policy, on 29 July 2020 The policy emphasis says more emphasis will be placed on extracurricular activities in schools, which is quite an appreciable move. NEP is also replacing the old curriculum of education that was 10+2 with 5+3+3+4. The new system also includes 3 years of pre-schooling in the Anganwadi.

2. NEAT( National Educational Alliance for Technology) is also in force to improve integrate technology for better learning outcomes. The NEAT aims to personalizing the learning experience. Although one of the biggest challenges is to establish the digital infrastructure in remote areas.

3. Emphasis will be given on social & economically disadvantaged groups. The school will support the children with disabilities by suiting their needs & ensuring their proper attention to the class.

5. The medium of instruction would be the local & regional language even private schools too will be encouraged to use the local, regional & national language as a medium of instruction.

6. The New Educational Policy also says that quality education should be provided to each of the students regardless of which society he/she comes from. The policy also aims to achieve a 100% gross enrollment ratio by 2030. Work like reducing curriculum content to enhance the critical and creative thinking among students.



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Yef India

Yef India

An NGO helping and supporting the Youth facing obstacles to their development in different walks of life. Now writing for a Change.