On a mission for a Better World: YEF India

A world that speaks for equal development.

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YEF’s founder, Rambabu Sharma, a simple and ordinary guy belonging from a poor background, stood true to his passion and promises to help and serve the deprived public and support them in their daily. YEF has been a great support to the people who suffered in this lockdown, sending help and support in the form of money and ration kits to the needy and poor. There were small steps taken to rescue the people affected by the pandemic, which has caused millions to leave their jobs and sit idle at home.

“When I got my job, I had a social commitment towards the kids who work in factories just like I did, to make their lives better.”, said Rambabu Sharma.

Running an NGO in India is a difficult task, and people are not so easy to convince to make a payment for the donation. There always remains a question of surety and certainty, of the work the NGO is doing, if it’s of any good. There are very fewer times when people contribute and make an impact on other’s lives. Such donations are what keeps the NGO alive and running to serve and support the underprivileged. At YEF, we believe in a common notion of — Giving Is Caring, and we are very well aware of the situations where we need to Give to restore the natural balance we had lost.

Distributing food to the daily wagers in their hard times.

It was time for us to get prepared for the worst situations the world has ever faced, the COVID situation, where almost every daily wage worker lost their jobs and came on the streets to live their life like a nomad. We opened a helpline number as soon as we got the information regarding this drastic situation everyone was worried about, to help and support the people in need and make their lives better than what it was already. We spared no time and got on track as soon as we got any call for help at any corner of the country, even at places where we had no office of ours. It was tough, but our brave volunteers made it all possible as they went door to door to help the needful. We distributed Ration Kits that included necessities for living like rice, dal, gehun (wheat), oil, and some other materials that we need in our daily life to stay fit and active.


The virus spreading all over the world has made us do one thing, and that is to stay hygienic. With concerns revolving around hygiene and sanitation, our teams went on a small tour around the city to distribute menstrual pads or sanitary pads to women. Our team actively participated in fighting this situation across India with the help of our kind and supportive donors. It’s only due to their donations and love for such people that we were able to help those in need; we cannot thank you more.

Education is sown in Children but must be cultivated all life long.

We have one job, and that is to help and support the underprivileged and to spread education in every village or slum in India through a team of youths dedicated to building a better and educated India. Support us in our campaigns and help us create a world where education is for all and all are valued at equal levels, irrespective of gender, and caste. We are YEF and we will do our work in every possible way to achieve this noble cause.

Visit our website to know more about our initiatives and campaigns: — https://www.yefindia.org/

Visit our Instagram page for daily updates on our progress: — https://instagram.com/yef_india?igshid=1am5nh4p8wjjy

Visit our Twitter space for our opinions on ongoing trends: — https://twitter.com/yefindia?s=20



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