Rambabu Sharma and what he did for our society: Empowering the Youth

Giving Youth the Power to Step Up and Grow.

It’s in every case that we feel great to see individuals accomplish something for society by giving their time and cash, in this unusual existence where the sky’s the limit, it’s elusive, such kind-hearted individuals give their beginning and end to make another person’s life better.

Rambabu Sharma, Founder of Youth Empowerment Foundation.

One such individual is our organization’s founder, Mr. Rambabu Sharma, who is committed to helping the underprivileged youngsters, poor people, and other deprived individuals of our general public. He accepts that schooling is the most integral asset one can have. He found the Youth Empowerment Foundation (YEF), a non-profit organization, in June 2017, with a dream roused by his excursion, to help and support the deprived of the general public.

Originating from a remote village in Bihar, Ram saw many ups and downs in his day to day existence. He left school and chose to work in processing plants as a child laborer, just to fulfill the budgetary needs of his family yet, and, after it’s all said and done, he had the enthusiasm to finish his schooling. Life was brutal, however, his will was flawless, he finished his Engineering Degree in 2016 from New Delhi and was granted a scholarship for additional schooling. Presently he is an Engineer in a German MNC, where he is working with a front-line innovation of Power Generation around the world but hasn’t overlooked his underlying foundations. He subsidizes his absolute compensation for the organization and is focused on helping the underprivileged kids seek after training.

YEF is committed to working for the betterment of our society by uplifting underprivileged and empowering youth. We aim to provide education in every village and slums of India.

At YEF, we accept that “Giving is Caring” and firmly center around how we can assist these individuals with any potential methods. It’s consistently a delight to work for the society we live in and see the light of inspiration sparkle. With a dream to help and support, YEF works for the instruction of oppressed understudies, giving them aptitude preparing and occupation programs. It gives them a platform where they can feature their concealed abilities like singing, moving, painting, and so on.

Aside from working for the denied network, YEF has helped the individuals who endured in this pandemic by furnishing them with free Ration Kits and some cash to meet their everyday expenses the country over. Close by, with neighborhood chips in, NGO’s self-improvement gathering, we are supporting the everyday wage laborers and their families by furnishing them with staple things and a few assets, gathered through group subsidizing, to make due through the pandemic.

Volunteers do not necessarily have the time, they just have a Heart.

YEF is a group of 500+ volunteers spread over the nation with each having a sort and courageous heart to turn out successfully for society with genuine energy and excitement. We intend to accomplish an ideal society where everybody is esteemed at equivalent measures and are given equivalent occasions to dominate and flourish. This isn’t a work of only a couple hundred individuals yet but, of every individual who is viewed as a Human.

YEF is an NGO helping and supporting the Youth facing obstacles to their development in different walks of life.

YEF isn’t only an organization, it’s a development to help and support the denied network of our general public, and we’ll continue performing our responsibilities with the most extreme concern and impact because to see somebody grin with trust, is joy.



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